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These are the best of my old 'blog, run then in WordPress, as well as more recent thoughts. Note: The links should open in a new window or tab.

Tribeca Problems
[This used to be such a nice neighborhood....]
Cats, Cat-lovers & Cat-ladies
— of BOTH Sexes
Parks Problems, Potties & Politics
The Parks Potty Outcome
Stuff About Pigeons (and other animals)
A Pigeon Paper Why I Like Pigeons
Solving Pigeon Presence Problems Bad Medicine: Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine
Stuff About the Academy
CUNY's Abused Dictionary It's Just Not Science
Great Companies Crummy Companies
Stuff About Religion
Jesus Was A Gurl... Trinity's Trilemma Part 1
Trinity's Trilemma Part 2
Stuff About Politics
Boss Bloomberg's Shellgame Simcha Felder's Pigeon Final Solution
Other Stuff
My Spiffy New Panama Hat