Telling stories for fun and profit...

A friend of mine -- Brad Schultz, sometime Computerworld journalist, and later Editor-in-chief of Computer Graphics Today -- got me into the business of writing about computers. I had nattered away in print about topics philosophical (yeah, it is possible even for grotty low-end scholars like me to get their stuff published -- without paying for it!); this was something altogether different.  I like doing it, will usually do it at cut rates (well, not cut too much...), and ask only that the publisher pay promptly on publication (you might be surprised how many don't -- to the point where you have to sue; you might also be surprised how many computer publications are written by amateurs  -- the tips-and-tricks books, in particular, seem to favor this procedure).

Cover of LDGD I cordially commend Learn Desktop Graphics and Design on the PC, published by Addison-Wesley . It is past time for this book to be revised, and I am on it. Life has its little complexities, though. Click on the LDGD cover to see a (favorable...) review.

Under another hat: If you are a hearty soul, and can track it down, my study of the nature of cities is available from Man's Heritage Press. Even heartier? Click on the cover and it'll open a PDF of the page-proofs.
Cities Book Cover
CAD Systems is a Canadian publication, run by very fine folks in and just outside of Toronto. This very well designed, edited and written trade publication meritedattention on the U. S. side of the border and Europe, too. Sadly, like so many computer publications, rendered obsolete by 'net-based journalism. View a selection of stories I wrote for CAD Systems, and some from Corel Magazine, and few that appeared elsewhere, by clicking here. Some of this duplicates what appears elsewhere on my sites; haven't sorted these out, in short.
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Perhaps this section should have been called "communicating." From my writing, I have become very familiar with presentation support concepts and so on. I have also been called on to speak about various and sundry things. The latest venture -- as I revise my college lectures -- is to put everything on the computer; this in turn has led to a blended approach to both live and on-line presentations — "new media", indeed.