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Donald Jenner
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As a author and editor:

I created a system of product reviews for two computer-graphics trade publications; managed a network of reviewers, carried out product evaluations, wrote reviews. I also wrote feature articles and regular columns on computer graphics. My book, Learn Desktop Graphics & Design on the PC (Addsison-Wesley, 1994), was favorably reviewed in such places as New Media; it may be the only introductory book on computer graphics design around. My work has appeared in these publications and at these trade events:

Corel Magazine [Technical Editor] Computer Graphics Today [Products Editor] Morrow Owners' Review
Computer Pictures [Graphics Editor] Audio Visual Communications [Columnist] Computer Graphics New York
Videography PC Publishing & Presentations VISCOMM
AEC Canada CAD Systems (Canada) Macintosh NY
Corel Fan Club Magazine (Portugal) Desktop Publisher Federal Information Processing Council

As a marketing communications consultant:

This is the "flip side" of what I do as an author. I have executed marketing communications and projects and public relations campaigns using a wide range of "bleeding edge" techniques. In addition to the traditional contact approaches, I use page-composition, illustration graphics (bitmap- and vector-based), presentation graphics and a variety of multimedia & W3 tools in my work. Projects have included business reports, art-catalogue supplements, advertising and promotional materials, books, manuals and newsletters and websites. I led the team creating the Blackstar anniversary site, favorably reviewed on the 'Net. My clients have included:

Visual Business Systems Overdo Productions St. Mark's Church in·the·Bowery
Qi Shu Fang Peking Opera Company Tribal Arts Publishing Manhattan Community College
Man's Heritage Press The Asia Society Blackstar
YuYu Yang Lifescape Sculpture Mueeum Parish of Trinity Church

As a teacher:

Since 1978, I have taught university-level courses in philosophy, history and political theory, including logic, classical thought, religion and Asian thought. Since 1993, I have also taught university courses in management, advertising & marketing communications, and other business subjects. Most recently, I helped introduce its new Computer Technical Support curriculum at The Chubb Institute. Senior faculty evaluations and student evaluations and comments have been very gratifying. Human Habitat, my study of cities, was published in 1995 by MHP. My scholarly publications (indexed in the Philosopher's Index) and presentations have appeared in the following places:

Cogito Philosophy East & West
InterAmerican Congress of Philosophy XVIIth World Congress of Philosophy
XXth World Congress of Philosophy
University of California / Los Angeles International Society for Chinese Philosophy
Dharmanivas Center Conferences BMCC/MLD Colloquium Series

As a consulting systems analyst:

This is what I did when I knew I wanted another string to my bow, but didn't know what that was. It was a good way to get hands-on experience in the emerging information industry. I still do some of this. I have designed database, office-automation and computer-graphics systems for PC-family (DOS/Windows) based and Unix based installations. I use 3rd and 4th generation languages (including SQL); I integrate and maintain client hardware systems, including networks of mixed PC- and minicomputer- systems. I have consulted on MIS and computer graphics system-related issues for a variety of enterprises seeking cost-effective solutions. Along the way (it took about 20 minutes...), I secured CompTIA's A+ certification, the industry-wide (as opposed to proprietary) hardware and OS competency examination. My clients have included:

Selchow & Righter Henry Street Settlement Media Horizons, Inc.
Graven Images, Ltd. Council on Municipal Performance Council on Economic Priorities
Spencer & Rubinow Rodolitz Realty MSD Advertising
L'Hermitage Hotels Westlake Communications Szeszer Oriental Art